India has been losing gems for the past few years, yet one more was lost when the doctors announced him no more last Monday. The Missile man, the Legend, the scientist, the idol and moreover our very own Ex-pressident passed away on the evening of the first day of the week. I hope you have guessed whom I’m talking about by now? Yes, it is APJ Abdul Kalam or as the Amul advert States APJ Abdul Kamaal.


The things that I’ve seen,
The places that I’ve been to,
The good times and the bad ones,
The ‘oohs’ and the ‘aahs’,
all dissappear,
with the touch of your hand

It fills me with desire
To conquer the skies,
To draw a silver lining around the world,
To cross a thousand light years, all for you
with the wink of your eyes

I am, sorry, was an IT professional , as I call myself. “Let me tell you quite clearly that I don’t believe in ghosts!”, that is what I said when the watchman warned me before getting into the Inn. He warned me over a hundred times, I just didn’t care, thank god because that’s the reason that I have my most precious possession today, I would not spoil it for you, read on…

This SB a.k.a. Social Butterfly would get thousands of likes, +1’s and retweets on posting an ‘OMG!’.
Now, she does not get a single thumbs up, even after putting up her best makeup and wearing the costliest dress she’s got. People are over with her…her style…her drama…her overdo…or maybe, she is over with people. She resides everywhere. When she was a social caterpillar, the world encouraged her- to be a butterfly and now when she spreads her wings of varied colour they are least bothered! This world is so cruel.

A viral disease has been affecting this world recently. No, it’s not Ebola, it’s SELFIES! 

While some would say- “Selfies? just another use of the useless front camera!” the others would go-“Oh! Selfies? It’s cool, hep, funky and a fashion statement of Gen X, Y, Z. Shut up oldies!!!”

I would go a little with category two…excluding the “Shut up oldies!” part!