Princess: Belle

When and Where: 1700s, France

Belle married into royalty, who extravagantly showed their status, but the aristrocacy was overthrown during the French Revolution.


Some day, or the other
I will have to tell you
What I know,
And what you don’t.

Then, maybe you shall not
See me, how you see me now,
Or love me the smallest bit
But I will have to tell you.

How I struggled on,
How I made a living
How I did bad things to give you the good.

But will you understand me?
Will tell me to forget everything and live like we used to, without fear, without guilt?

Harry Potter has always been a personal favourite! The craziness for it started when I was nine years old. I don’t quite remember who introduced me to the series, probably our school librarian.
It was a wonderful experience then, reading the books, watching the films for a hundred thousand times and still awing at every moment, wishing to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, learning spells and experiencing the magic!

Is it just an occasion of bumper sales and “50% off”‘s on online shopping websites and stores around the city? Of putting up posters, banner and scrappers of tricolour everywhere for publicity and fake patriotism? Is it just another well enjoyed holiday in which we cuddle up in our couch and watch a well known celebrity dance to a famous number draped with clothes that are orange white and green with popping confetti around them? Well, if you would ask me, I would say NO! It is doubtlessly not.

It seems yesterday that I started writing “Do you believe in Ghosts”! But just look at it, it’s a hundred days already!I am holding an event on Facebook which will be commemorating the century of DYBIG! I’ve been wanting to write a story for a many days now but I’m barely being able to make time as I have my exams going on at school and its my final year but still I am trying to keep my blog up to date with all the content I can provide. I hope I will get the much needed support from all of you people who wish me luck and who like to read my blog.