As I walk through the garden,
I see you every day,
Plucking flowers, cutting leaves,
But a word you don’t say.

Do you know that you are beautiful?
Do you know that you are bright?
Do you know that you are wonderful?
Do you know that you delight?


At the end of the day,
When the sun decides to visit the other side of earth,
It’s my little bit of heaven.

Running through the poppy fields,
With the moonlight on my face,
It’s my little bit of heaven.

I am driving back from the doctors chamber, I am bankrupt, I got a divorce the month before, and the most important part, I am diagnosed with cancer. My life is completely wretched. I am the most unlucky man on the planet at that moment, or so I think.

Yes, I kill
I kill it without pain
Without the fear
Because I have seen more

More than what you see
And these small wishes
Are just another day
In my life, which is a lonely monsoon season

Do you see the bird fly by?
I killed my desire to fly
Do you see the man run?
I’ve killed my desire to do that too

From acting in short films to self-tutoring himself to be a director, Supratim Sinha Roy has done it all! So here is him on his new film “সystem” (System) to not getting producers and finally about how Woodpecker Creative Arts.

As I was watching সystem on my laptop yesterday morning, I immediately knew I needed to talk to the director, this exceptionally talented guy who thinks so beyond the ordinary. So I did have a chat, and no doubt it was truly worth it. As the monsoon wind was blowing over my face, I turned on the recorder, and totally got immersed.

This is really a thing that I have been thinking of doing since the day Pottermore by J.K. Rowling announced its change September 22nd, tweeting “We are delighted to launch the newly imagined , with an introductory message from J.K. Rowling“,so after getting over with all my work here I am, reviewing ‘THE RE-IMAGINED POTTERMORE”!