It seems yesterday that I started writing “Do you believe in Ghosts”! But just look at it, it’s a hundred days already!I am holding an event on Facebook which will be commemorating the century of DYBIG! I’ve been wanting to write a story for a many days now but I’m barely being able to make time as I have my exams going on at school and its my final year but still I am trying to keep my blog up to date with all the content I can provide. I hope I will get the much needed support from all of you people who wish me luck and who like to read my blog.

This SB a.k.a. Social Butterfly would get thousands of likes, +1’s and retweets on posting an ‘OMG!’.
Now, she does not get a single thumbs up, even after putting up her best makeup and wearing the costliest dress she’s got. People are over with her…her style…her drama…her overdo…or maybe, she is over with people. She resides everywhere. When she was a social caterpillar, the world encouraged her- to be a butterfly and now when she spreads her wings of varied colour they are least bothered! This world is so cruel.