It seems yesterday that I started writing “Do you believe in Ghosts”! But just look at it, it’s a hundred days already!I am holding an event on Facebook which will be commemorating the century of DYBIG! I’ve been wanting to write a story for a many days now but I’m barely being able to make time as I have my exams going on at school and its my final year but still I am trying to keep my blog up to date with all the content I can provide. I hope I will get the much needed support from all of you people who wish me luck and who like to read my blog.


A viral disease has been affecting this world recently. No, it’s not Ebola, it’s SELFIES! 

While some would say- “Selfies? just another use of the useless front camera!” the others would go-“Oh! Selfies? It’s cool, hep, funky and a fashion statement of Gen X, Y, Z. Shut up oldies!!!”

I would go a little with category two…excluding the “Shut up oldies!” part!