​So before getting into the real post, let’s get into some terminology; the term vlogging is derived from combining the terms blogging and video. Whereas websites and blogs have traditionally been text-heavy, vlogging is the act of recording your information and thoughts on video as opposed to written format. (That is terrifying in the first place!)
So just before you people request anymore or I go completely insane/loose my memory, here are 5 reasons why I will never vlog…

It’s been some time, a week or two, that I haven’t been posting because I was really busy studying for my finals.
This post is going to be on the personal front, not any poem or anything.

It’s been a great month, from getting my blog featured on the David Snape Show on Southwaves Radio to attending the Apeejay Kolkata Literary fest and the Times of India Bloggers Session.