Judgement Day

Day 256

What are we?

Nope. I am not pretending to be super woke all of a sudden, out of nowhere. I have probably been asking this question since I saw the last season of Black Mirror. No, a little before that, when I read 1984 by George Orwell. Or, maybe, just maybe, very recently after I binged on Lost In Space on Netflix?

I am not sure.

And finding the source of this question that is going nowhere is wasting time. When the year started off, I promised myself that I am going to procrastinate a little less in 2018. I want to keep that promise, at least when it concerns this blog post.

Back to the question: What are we heading towards?

Well, you tell me. Given the way things are progressing, I may go to space by when I am 50. Woah! Isn’t that a lot to take in? Starry-eyed dreams of travelling through the Alpha Centauri like a hitchhiker would come true? You’re kidding, right? No, no, no. Not the time to throw in pop-culture references.

Back to the question: What are we making of us?

I know this one, I truly do. Nothing. I can’t say we are becoming animals, because we were animals in the first place. I can’t really claim that we are becoming uncivilized, because what even is civilization? Wearing a blazer to a school in India where the weather outside is forty degrees celsius? I think we are failures as a race. Oh, shoot, look at me being a misanthropist again. Damn it!

Back to the question: What…

Wait, I am sleepy again. They told me this would happen if I did not keep my mouth shut. Mouth…shut….”