#TheHabitat – An ‘other-worldly’ podcast!

I love podcasts, they are just the right mixture of everything and the pinnacle of hands-free entertainment. I was just searching for something new to get hooked on to when I came across #TheHabitat.

It was reality TV on a whole new level. I loved the podcast more than anything and not without reasons. Hence, I was compelled to like this blog-post.

This podcast by the digital giant Gimlet Media is everything your space freak soul was asking for all these years. It is through the seven episodes and a bonus one of this masterpiece of a production that I realised, real human emotions and a fake planet can result in interesting scenarios and devastating situations.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 12.57.57 PM.jpg

On the website, they say: “On a remote mountain in Hawaii, there’s a fake planet Mars. Six volunteers are secluded in an imitation Mars habitat where they will work as imitation astronauts for one very real year. The goal: to help NASA understand what life might be like on the red planet—and plan for the day when the dress rehearsals are over, and we blast off for real. Host Lynn Levy has been chronicling this experiment from the moment the crew set foot in their habitat, communicating with them through audio diaries that detail their discoveries, their frustrations, and their evolving and devolving relationships with each other. From those diaries, Gimlet Media has crafted an addictive serialized documentary: the true story of a fake planet.”

I can only tell you this without spoiling everything, it is a lot more than that.

This unbelievably unbelievable podcast is the true mixture of sci-fi and hardcore reality. With no connection to the outside world, dehydrated bird food, miniature furniture and just a couple of faces to look at for a year, it is easy for one to lose it completely. But do they? Or does the crew stick together and fight every odd like our ancestors did when they started off on planet Earth? For that, you have to go ahead and listen to this one-of-a-kind documentary that is already winning hearts, and awards.

If not for anything else, for the original compositions by Haley Shaw, plus seven killer covers of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.”