Fandom Box Review ft. GeekAparato

I was absolutely delighted when GeekAparato wanted me to review their fandom box! It was to be full of geeky goodies from the month’s theme and I couldn’t wait…

Geek Aparato is a one of a kind fandom box.

On their website, it says, “…in India, it is very difficult to purchase a lot of [geekverse merchandise] items unless one is perfectly alright with burning a major hole in one’s pocket. There are subscription boxes out there that cater to bookworms and fashionistas, but none that pack the fun of different multiverses in just one box, and hey presto…Geek Aprato was born!“, which, if you live in India, you know to be very true!

Every month, they reveal a theme and you can choose between a Binary and a Decimal box ( for a one-time purchase or a subscription) and order your way to geekiness!

The box arrived not more than a week or two later.

The packaging was wonderful and the aesthetics were on point (if you know me, you know how important that is!). I couldn’t, just couldn’t, wait to get my hands on the box and rip it apart.

When I finally did, well this came out of it and I was not disappointed:

geek aparato box photo

December’s theme was Intergalactic Collision…say what!?

There were a plethora of goodies inside and I was quite impressed by the quality of the products that they offered.

This is what was in there inside:

  1. A space-themed postcard
  2. A ‘Groot’ poster
  3. A Batman-themed notebook
  4. A page of Star Wars stickers (half of which are on my laptop already!)
  5. A ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy‘ themed bookmark
  6. A bunch of glow in the dark stars
  7. Earth-themed sticky notes

My favourites were the sticky notes, the stickers and the bookmark and I was quite sure that I was going to order their next month’s box by the time I was done with admiring all the goodness.

You can get a sneak peek at GeekAparato’s boxes HERE

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