REDBUBBLE Christmas Sticker Haul!

I got a new laptop a few months ago and I was dying to give it a makeover. I am generally very protective of my devices and hence I did not want to put on a skin because that is as good as no protection at all! That is when RedBubble came to the rescue. They have these awesome vinyl stickers that you can put almost anywhere for some added magic in your life.



These awesome stickers by these great artists made me go crazy on their website and I was on the verge of buying EVERYTHING! But there is only so much that the back of my laptop could accommodate for, so I got these:


Feel free to search these artists on RedBubble and buy the amazing art that they make.

And here is how I arranged these stickers on top of the laptop shell that I got from Amazon to add a little more contrast.



And I, unfortunately, could not fit these stickers, but they are probably going to find their hall of fame pretty soon:

1D EXTRAS I would like to thank all the fabulous artists who made this possible! Their artworks that now make my laptop look so much artsier!

These stickers symbolize what I stand for.

Also, RedBubble stickers are of such high quality. They are absolutely safe to stick directly on the laptop and they are totally repositionable. (Actually, I myself placed them on the wrong side at first and then took them off and reapplied them, so yeah, been there, done that!)

Also, RedBubble sent me this christmas sticker for free:


If you are thinking of buying stuff from RedBubble for Christmas or gifting them to someone do use my code IAMJRB for free shipping on your order until the 25th of December.

P.S. I made that deathly hallows sticker with a sharpie on some extra sticker paper that was there on the sides of the real ones…xD