My First Murakami!

It is a shameful thing to say that this is my first Murakami read! Of all the many books I have read and all the authors that I have trusted my imaginations with, not trying out one Murakami novel/short story is a very disgraceful thing (atleast that is what my bibliophile self convinced me to believe).

I wanted to read “Kafka On The Shore” for some reason as an introduction to the author. What happened is that my sister (the elder one) wanted to gift me my first Murakami, and she is doing her college away from home and hence she planned a surprise for me on my birthday. Needless to say, she was furious when she found out that my mother’s friend had gifted me my first Murakami. And she’s one person who does not like to come second.

Cut to, the day before my birthday. What came to me through the hands of my uncle was a wonderful package with a classic bow on top and a beautiful card.


What my sister did not know was, I had not started reading the book given to me my my mother’s friend, a lied to her just to give a little extra anxiety.

Also, she said she’s going to give me a Murkami nevertheless, so she gifted me this beautiful collection of short stories called “DESIRE” along with a few more books and chocolates and all things pretty ad nice, and it is the most beautiful book I have ever seen (the cover is a matte red colour that I have been digging!!).

I was the happiest person on earth!

“DESIRE” was my first Murakami read.


I loved the stories more than anything. They were all so meaningful and more to me somehow, given the things in life I am going through at the moment,  also I do have a favourite, whinch is most probably going to be featured in another blog post really soon!

As I am writing this blog, I have finished both the books and I have almost convinced myself that Haruki Murakami is the only author I will ever read.

Also, you’re probably wondering by this point if I have the best cousins ever, and the answer to that would be yes, I do!

Check out my sister’s blog HERE (she writes some great stuff, youre going to love it!)