Living with a Personal Diffuser (ft. MONQ)

My life is stressful, just like everybody’s is. To be honest I try to live as stress-free as possible by making minor and major changes in my lifestyle on a day to day basis. It was one such day when was feeling really unproductive when I came across MONQ.


MONQ is not a vaping machine and MONQ uses 100% naturally extracted and organic essential oils, harvested from eco-friendly farms across the world. Their essential oils are the highest quality so that every breath is effective. Click here for FAQs.


Now, first things first, this is not a sponsored post and all my opinions about the products(s) mentioned in this post are authentic and solely mine.

I decided to use MONQ last month and my life has been different since.

I started off with the Vibrant MONQ and soon fell in love with the product. I got all of them (they give a discount if you get them all together).


They have two ranges of product aimed at making you feel relaxed and to change your mood for the better. The first week was tough, getting used to it was difficult as people instantaneously tend to think you are a smoker or vaper and explaining the whole diffuser story to them is not always possible. So I mostly settled with using MONQ only at indoor areas. They cost $20 each and are not refillable.

Three to four light puffs a day does the job of calming you down and making you feel at one with yourself.



Even though you don’t have to be 18 to use MONQ, you do have to be an adult to purchase one from their website.

It has been a few days more than a month that I have started using MONQ and #mymonq has drastically helped me be more calm, composed and productive. I used them while reading and that was fantastic. Everything, from their devices to their packaging is wonderful (they send you an awesome manual), plus they send you cool decal stickers!

My favourite blends are MOUNTAIN and ZEN!


Do follow MONQ on Instagram @mymonq and DM me @jishnu_1999 for any questions!

Additionally, DM me your email for a 10% off coupon for the MONQ website.