Diwali – The Things I Hate About It

If you do not know what Diwali is, click here and get some reading done!
Let me state a few things first before I get shot in the head for writing this post!

  1. I am not an anti-nationalist
  2. I am not against Hinduism (but that doesn’t imply that I am for it)
  3. I love Motichoor Ladoos!

Now that we have made this post government-friendly, let’s talk about the things I hate about Diwali, and why so.

1. The massive amount of money that I involuntarily spend!


I do not know how this happens but it does. Every Diwali I promise to live on a budget but somehow I end up spending all my money on stupid things by the end of the day! It is really depressing.

2. How everyone becomes over energetic and I cannot keep calm!


This is a phenomenon Shane Dawson should make a conspiracy theory video about. Every Diwali, each and every person (including the aunt who was in a coma last year) become super energetic. And we all know what can happen when aunts go out of control. DISASTERS!

3. The cheeky WhatsApp messages! There, I said it!!


I don’t even want to explain this. I am tired. Why you ask? Because I just had to reply to 341 of these messages!

4. Fireworks!


Hate the sound, hate the smoke but love the visuals! That is why I prefer watching firework videos on YouTube on Diwali instead of actually bursting them.

5. Awkward family get-togethers…


This is the time of the year when every family member comes home. That may sound really awesome to people from the West, but trust me when I say this, when actually dysfunctional families pretend to be super compatible for one night, it is more disastrous than reality TV!

Other than all this, I love everything about the festival of lights!







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