4 Halloween Things I Have Never Done (But Always Wanted To)

First up, I live in India. Halloween? It is not a thing here. Unlike Christmas, which is a very popular festival (especially in Kolkata, the city I live in), the British colonialism somehow forgot to leave behind Halloween altogether!

We celebrate Diwali/Kali Puja here (dubbed the largest festival of India). Even though this alternative celebration has a lot of things in common with its western counterpart, Halloween is something American television made look like a thing you can not live without, if you do, your childhood is a disaster!

So here are 5 things that I have always wanted to do on Halloween that I never got to, and given the fact that I am 17 already, never will!

1. Trick-Or-Treating


Well well, It will probably never be appropriate for me to go around ringing doorbells and asking for treats given that I am 17 already. I always wanted to do this since I was a kid, tried it once too! My neighbour thought I was crazy and lost it.

2. Dressing Up


I can do this when I am old! But definitely not in the way I would have been able to as a kid!!

3. Drinking Pumpkin Spice Latte


Do not kill me for this, I once did try the world famous pumpkin spice latte on a flight to somewhere, but it was nothing like I think it would be if I drink it on the 31st of October! I can not find one shop that sells it!

4. Carving Pumpkins


The plastic ones are available on Amazon and this year I bought three. Don’t judge me!

Happy Halloween and a very happy Diwali!