The Time I was in a Professional Theatre

The best part of being acting on stage is being live and seeing the feedback of your audience, their applause and aww, their sadness and anger. Somehow, all this vibe finds its way back into your acting again, thus coming full circle. All these reasons and more have always made me feel connected and interested in theatre.


From a very young age I have been doing school plays and other such stuff on a regular basis, but   the only professional play I ever did before this was one I can no longer recall as I was really young then. Acting in Part Time Lovers’ presents “NASBANDI – a play about the last hour before the first vote” was a grand experience. It was not a cake walk though.


We started our rehearsals a few days more than a month before the show. A massive amount of love, teachings mixed with the right amount of scolding was what we received from our playwright  (Rijita Chatterjee) and our director (Sourav Das). I can absolutely swear that this made us better every single day.


The team was a perfect one too! Somehow we all got along pretty well and became family within the first few weeks…


The rehearsals got tougher and harder and more demanding by the hour. We pushed ourselves further every single time. I felt so very comfortable in my own skin like I had never felt before. I wouldn’t want to bore you with minute details of all the handwork we put in, I think it achieved results at the end of the day. The cast and crew were fabulous and and the show was successful (much more than we had expected!).


The lights dimmed in the last scene as the curtains fell, we all ran together into a big huddle while screaming our lungs out. The show was great, the howling audience was living proof. We had done it. The afterparty would have to be a story for another time!