The Time I started Blogging for UNICEF

I was always interested to work with UNICEF. It was last month that the opportunity came from nowhere. I was scrolling through the Instagram feed like a lazy dog that I am. Drinking coffee. Contemplating life. This is when I clicked on UNICEF’s  story by mistake. It was something along the lines of “Do you want to see change in the world?” and I was like YAAAAAS!


So I swiped up, which took me to a link where you had to write a sample blog post on any one of the given topics: “Children Uprooted” or “Violence Against Children”. I was too lazy. It was not until a day before the deadline that a friend found out about this and forced me to write and send something. So I did, 2 hours before the deadline.

A week later an email popped up with the usual “Congratulations!”. I was more than overwhelmed. I have currently started working with them and it is going great!

The best part being able to talk and interact with 8 more people around the world and working with them very closely. The culture and thought exchange is amazing!

Read my first blog post HERE.


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  1. Wow! Congratulations buddy! That’s a great achievement

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