How I got over a Reader’s Block!

I started reading a lot of books together last month, moreover, my friend got me addicted to this TV series called Sense8 so I had a little too much on my plate. I was really into the books I was reading, all of them had me hooked. I was more or less halfway through all of them (4 books in total) when I just did not feel like reading anymore. It was like the words did not have a meaning. Like I was staring at a blank page. This was the first time this had happened to me and I was a little confused.

All it took was a little bit of research to find out what it was that I was going through.

Readers Block is a phenomenon where a person cannot proceed with a book. They are frequently distracted from the book or after flipping a page realize that they have been reading individual words mechanically without processing and understanding the meaning of the text in their mind.

As I was previewing a few books and I needed to submit reviews by a given deadline, I did everything I could to get over this phenomenon. And here is what worked:

1. Don’t Read

Just drop the book and stop reading. Do something else, watch a TV series, a film or just drink some tea and go to sleep! You’ll eventually feel like reading again. Believe me, when I say this, nothing helps more.


2. Do other bookish things

Watch a movie adaptation of a book, watch book tube, dress up as a character, write some fan fiction.


3. Listen to an audiobook or read a graphic novel

This absolutely helps as your brain perceives it to be a different activity altogether. This also saves your time and gets you more into books until you feel like reading again.


4. Re-read a favourite

Doing this might just help you to fall in love with reading all over again! Re-read a childhood favourite, even if it happens to be a picture book.


5. Switch the reading medium

Change is always awesome. Start reading on an e-book reader if you were reading a physical book and vice-versa.


6. Get a reading buddy or read at the library

This might just help you to realise how awesome reading is once more and motivate you to pick up a book again!


Hope these tips helped you! See you on your next book…