I Quit Caffeine for a Month!

There is one ingredient that is common in a Blogger/Writer/Columnist/Painter/High School Student/Procrastinator starter pack.
Between the late night work hours, cramming sessions and the sudden realisation of forgotten deadlines, I, tend to get tired. Besides rarely gulping down a can or two of energy drinks that taste like “cough syrup”, I like to drink something that is a bit more tasty, sophisticated and wonderfully clichéd at the same time. The star beverage of eternity, Coffee!

I never thought that I would be so strong to let go of my extreme addiction towards black coffee, but I did, eventually. So, this time I took it to the next level. I stopped drinking coffee for a month and replaced it with healthier options like herbal tea, green tea and healthy smoothies.

I logged my experience every day in a sentence or two for you sadists to enjoy! Go ahead, give it a read:


Super cranky, bad mood and a never ending massive headache!


The headache returns and my hatred for herbal “anything” grows!


The green tea isn’t helping, what is this supposed to do anyway?


I am cranky AF and I am forgetting everything, almost went back to drinking coffee, I regret this already…


My sleep cycle has literally changed to that of a civilized human being, I am waking up early, is it time I stop doing this?


Okay, the green tea isn’t as bad, I admit it, but a headache is back again and I am really constipated.


I am a little lost and I have forgotten what coffee tastes like but I got this awesome rose green tea and this is pure love!


I walked by my favourite coffee shop and I started behaving like a former alcoholic who has tasted the best wine in the world, thanks to Mum for motivating me to stay strong!!


Should I have like a cheat day or something? No? Okay!

DAY 10

I love the banana strawberry chocolate smoothie that I picked up from subway today…you know what else was on the menu? Buy 1 get 1 free on an American Latte!

DAY 11

I am feeling an ardent craving for coffee, I went to a writer’s conference and they were offering coffee and sparkling water, guess what I took? No, sparkling water!

DAY 12

I had an Oreo milkshake instead of coffee today, I am fine.

DAY 13

I am feeling a lot less stressed actually, but I still WANT TO DRINK COFFEE!

DAY 14

I had that rose green tea all day, tea is the new coffee…or is it?

DAY 15

My sleep cycle and concentration towards a specific work has increased quite a lot, trust me!

DAY 16

I am so effing calm! What happened to me?

DAY 17

I am a different person, I don’t recognize me anymore!

DAY 18

I am procrastinating a lot less and I am feeling really productive, something must be wrong.

DAY 19

I somehow don’t feel that craving for coffee anymore, should I be proud or sad?

DAY 20

I am not as tensed and anxious as before, I am feeling like a monk already.

DAY 21

Got some orange flavoured herbal tea today, the flavoured teas definitely taste better than flavoured coffees.

DAY 22

The crankiness and headache are completely gone, you can call me a new person!

DAY 23

I bought an energy drink and then returned it because it contains caffeine and coffee contains that too, I want to stay true to myself! *pats himself on the back*

DAY 24

I am definitely more composed than ever before, trust me when I say this; I got this compliment from six people in total today so it must be true…

DAY 25

I bought myself a tea maker; my coffee maker is having serious sibling rivalry issues!

DAY 26

There is something called a coffee flavoured tea! WTH? (FYI, I did not drink that!!)

DAY 27

I have successfully got two of my friends to take up the challenge, someone give me an award already!

DAY 28

I am feeling a lot better. A LOT!

DAY 29

I feel naturally sleepy, I don’t know if you get what I mean, but I just don’t have to force myself to sleep anymore.

DAY 30

I am never going back to coffee again, or am I?