When IAMJISHNU turned 2!

I am horrible at remembering birthdays, except my own. I’m sure you don’t want to know how horrible! So just like every other time some social media platform had to remind me that my blog was turning two today! 
I simply could not believe it. Period.

I have worked so hard to not let anything come between me and my writing, to reach out to the readers that fill my posts with inspiring comments and encouraging thoughts, sometimes sacrificing other things in life, that it felt like I have been blogging forever!
So this birthday reminder was a little controversial. On one hand I was ecstatic about the fact that it had been two whole years, while on the other hand I was a little sad that it had only been two years. This is when someone messaged me to remind that good things may not essentially come with age, that old may not always be gold.

Thanks to that person who made my day and to all of you, who made this day possible. Thank you for reading my humble posts when you have so much more interesting content available on the web. 

Thank You for being there through thick and thin, from when I couldn’t post for a month to when I posted everyday for a whole week.

Thanks you for being there no matter what!

Happy Birthday to you!!