Dear Mum – Mother’s Day 2017

Dear Mummum,

This is all about you!

When life wasn’t this hard!

I was not feeling like writing today, I am struggling through a writer’s block. But I needed to write this post, because even though you did not feel like doing a lot of things for the last 17 years that I came into your life, you did, sometimes, you had had to.

You probably gave up the wish to travel the world to pay for my education, sacrificed that random shopping spree for the surprise birthday gift you knew I wanted. I don’t really know, because you never told me. Because you kept quiet, subconsciously knowing that you deserved better.

Slayin’ it since forever!

You did all this while having an option, not to have a baby, not to provide the best for him, to be selfish. You could have gone with the other option, like a lot of people do, but you didn’t and that is why I love you. You chose the harder path, the path to become a mother, and that is why I adore you. You gave me life and you continue doing so, and that is why I am grateful!

Thank you would be a word too small and insufficient!


The boy who was in your tummy for 9 months