Why I took a break from Blogging

I was a little overwhelmed lately, with the assignments for the newspaper I intern for, my finals school and also the ARCs (Advance Reader’s Copies) that I received from a good many amount of authors. It was time I took a break and spent time myself. Just drink some Rose flavoured green tea (I have stopped drinking coffee, yes, you heard me right but that is a story for another day!), listen to some good music, read a classic, you know, just love life like the 60s…

So I did take a break without prior notice, ( and I am extremely sorry to the few who DMed me on Instagram and messaged me on Facebook asking me why I wasn’t posting) and now I am back and energetic like never before!

I tried out a lot of different things in these few days and read a lot of books too (duh!).

I have a lot to tell you guys, from book reviews to my new art journal, I definitely have a lot in store! So stay tuned…Seeya!




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  1. A very good post I’ve enjoyed reading.

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  2. I really can understand why you took break from blogging. It’s indeed very pressurizing when too many things and stuff come together. I can definitely imagine myself taking a blogging break because of my 10th. Anyways, a good post! And ya, happy blogging!

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    1. Absolutely! Best of luck for your exams… Happy Blogging to you too!


      1. Thank you for the kind wishes.

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