Camino Beach by Amanda Callendrier: Exclusive Book Preview

Very special thanks to Amanda, for letting me preview her book.

The book is narrated in the first person by a small town girl, Sarah, once a popular girl, a feather in the cap of Briley High School, the perfect student; she is now forty, divorced, a dog lover, a bibliophile with her own bookshop in Nashville. As her high school best friend, Kristen, informs her about the 1997 batch school reunion that they will be having in a week and she is adamant to not return to school without finding their long lost friend and a member of their high school trio, Roxanne. Roxanne was a beautiful and wild girl who listened to eighties rocker chicks, let anyone kiss her at parties, and dragged Sarah into plenty of trouble. She had disappeared from school right before graduation with no explanation of any sort.


But Sarah is not so sure she wants to track her down. She knows that Roxanne’s departure was likely because of a betrayal-hers. As Kristen, Sarah and Jack, a pal, embark on a journey in a beat-up El Camino, once the centre of their spring break dreams, to find their friend, who they haven’t looked for in twenty years, only to discover that some people exist closer to you than you think.

Through this journey of shocking revelations, lovely moments and nostalgic memories this book takes you on a trip down high school memory lane and makes you realise that we live to find closure.

As a debut novel, Amanda Callendrier has truly done a great job. I found myself in tears, quite a few times to be honest while reading the book. I loved the fact that the book contained quite a few Easter eggs to be discovered by the audience (such as Dolly Parton). The country charm made me love the book even more. The story, however, was little repetitive in the middle. With extreme attention to detail and reality, this novel will make sure you smell Roxanne’s spearmint gum.

My favourite character from the book would be Jack; you’ll know why when you read the book.

Be sure to pick up a copy of this awesome piece of literature on 16th May 2017, when it releases worldwide!

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