Home Office: Match from Scratch

Is your home office up to scratch?

Bloggers, Vloggers, Filmmakers and other creative individuals are all favourable towards the idea of having a home office. These type of workers mostly work from the comfort of their homes and there is nothing better than a comfortable workspace to get your creativity out! Unfortunately, there are very few companies that offer comfortable yet professional office furniture. So, I looked up the internet to find the perfect provider for everyone’s home office/office furniture needs and came across Calibre Furniture UK. 

From my observation of there website, it is clear that they help you create a truly inspirational workspace and enable you and your workers to become more productive, creative, and energised.

Below are some of my top picks from the Calibre Office Furniture website:

Top pick one: OFFICE CHAIRS: 


Calibre can supply desk chairs for every office environment. Their selection of office chairs include comfortable and ergonomic reception chairs, boardroom chairs, executive chairs and many more. They only provide the highest quality executive office furniture on the market to suit the customers’ requirements and budget. I’m also currently in need of a new office chair for my home office and will surely consider to purchase one from here. I am confident I will get my money’s worth and it will be a long-term solution for me.

Top pick two: OFFICE DESKS


I am also impressed with the variety of eye-catching and stylish office desks Calibre have on offer. They have a range of workstations, executive desks, and corner desks. The glass desks are my favourite and I think ideal for my new home office. I personally feel that there is something for everyone especially those who work from home like Mummy Bloggers, part-time workers or dedicated Lifestyle Bloggers like myself. You can always get in touch with one of their space planning specialists if you want to get further advice. I did.

To conclude:


From my point of view, enabling your workers to perform their daily tasks in comfort means they’ll be more productive and creative. This concept doesn’t just apply to a commercial office space environment but it also applies to a home office setting. 

For me, it’s exceptionally important as a Blogger to ensure my home office environment is top quality. This is because working in a colourful and attractive office environment at home has helped towards many of my blogging ideas. Let’s face it, content ideas are bound to come to you quicker in a creative office environment than a demotivating and dull one. 

Have you been working from home lately? If so, it would be a sensible to assess your current home office if you have one. After further examination, if you feel your existing home office is actually very mundane then it is advisable to look at completely renovating it with some attractive office furniture, new coloured walls and some green plants placed around your home office.


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  1. Jubonashya Dutta says:

    Excellent ! I like how precisely you have described the product.

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  2. Sanghamitra Shahal says:

    Eye-catching,stylish and attractive furniture.It will help to create a fresh environment to work……

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is definitely going to help artists in search of some inspiration to find the same in the comfort of their own homes…. Nice post😄

    Liked by 1 person

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