Purpose Of Life

Hello Guys! Today I have Nikesh Lilani from INCREDIBLE POETRY here as a guest blogger. Before you read his take on the “purpose of life”, be sure to check out the poem I wrote about the same topic on his blog!

“If I tell you to make a list of the greatest gifts by God to us. What all would you list? Perhaps the list may contain : nature, parents, teachers and many other things.(it depends upon the perspective of a person). What about my list, my perspective? Well, my list topper will be ‘Purpose’. Arguably the biggest gift by God.

    Just  A seven letter word, but tell you what, it means and means something big. When I say big, I mean very big. We often say, “We have got one life, why not enjoy it?” But do we ever say, ” We have got one life, let’s make it purposeful, let’s make something very big out of it?” How many of you say that to yourselves? Well, I am afraid, there would be only and only a few- very few. That’s what has to change. And change very briskly.

     It sounds delirious to me when someone says, ” life is to enjoy”. I grin gently and say to myself, “If life was meant to be enjoyed, you would never have been given a life,” Because I feel that life is given for a purpose.  A purpose, that only you and me  can accomplish, and nobody else . We get things utterly wrong. We give more priority to all that NONSENSE extravaganza; that’s word I am using. NONSENSE. Entertainment  is merely to  refresh ourselves in  the journey of life , when it tends to get a bit boring, or rather sluggish in pace. But, we consider entertainment to be the main aspect of life; something which is wrong. And something we should demolish out of our brains.

     We consider nature to be our teacher, don’t we? Just look around in nature, make a list of all those things which have got no use, and are created merely for the sake of creating. Break your heads into it, take a whole year for it, use as many as papers as you want, use as many pens you want, travel the globe if you want, and do tell me if you get even one thing on your list. I bet your list will be blank. What does this mean? Everything in nature is made for a purpose, but is there any thing which is living without a purpose. NO. And if we really consider mother nature to be the best teacher, we should learn a lesson from it, and start living this beautiful life with a purpose. Who knows, in the process , the world may discover a new legend!”