Fly Away

Fly Away

Sometime I feel extremely inspired to paint, at other times, however, I don’t. I painted this after around a month a of suffering through an artist’s block.

The inspiration came in when I was listening to “Butterfly” by Miley Cyrus while reading a book, last week. Butterflies have always inspired me from a very young age. The whole concept of a caterpillar evolving to take a whole new form has motivated me in various ways. The picture is basically a close-up of a butterfly with the most part showing one wing. 

Blue is my favourite colour, therefore the dominant shade is blue. I have used ultramarine, turquoise and cyan. The other colours that I have used are yellow, red, brown (for the dorsal tuft) and bottle green. I used soft pastels for the base and charcoal pencils for the linings.

Do tell me if you want me to do more such art blog posts in the future in the comments section!

Stay tuned for a guest post at the weekend.


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  1. You are very talented! Your choice of colors in this painting are amazing…I have the same experience with sometimes having an inspiration to paint/and not…more often, I write. Keep painting!

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    1. Thanks a lot! I’m honoured…

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  2. You are a fabulous painter too.

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