90’s Kid?

I was born on 15th November 1999 (literally on the edge of the 90’s) and hence it has always been difficult to relate to all the “90’s kid” posts while it has also been tough to not relate to some of them. For example, in in the first image (Fig 1.0) I can relate to watching Disney Movies and Disney Channel;


Fig 1.0


I don’t even know who Sabrina is; The third point, to me, is meaningless again; I’ll excuse you from the general Harry Potter fanboying I do because this is a post about a different thing; The second last and last point make no sense again! Moreover, I don’t want to get myself started on how I feel a century older to people who were born in the 2000’s. I came across this Buzzfeed article (another thing that was not famous in the 90’s) where it said that “90’s kid” surely have orange VHS tapes. What are tapes? What is VHS? (Wait. I may not be a 90’s kid, but I am not dumb either! I know what a VHS tape is, just that I never have owned one).

So should I call myself a 90’s kid? Tell me in the comments below!

P.S. Sorry for not releasing a post last Thursday! As I am having my finals, I could not get time. To make that up to you guys, There will be two posts this week (this one is the first), I’ll release one more on Saturday. Do subscribe to my blog if you want to get e-mail notifications whenever I publish a new post. See you around!



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  1. dunelight says:

    Jack Skellington! I recall liking The Nightmare Before Christmas..but I’m old.

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    1. Ha ha ha! Well, you’re a 90’s kid for sure!


  2. Aqsha Naim says:

    I feel you Jishnu. Even I wonder whether I’m a 90’s kid or not. I feel we are somewhere between 90’s and 2000’s and no matter what they say, we are the COOLEST!

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  3. Piuli says:

    You’re a 90s kid, both literally and technically. But if I were you, I would call myself a 00’s kid because that is when you actually learnt and related to your surroundings.

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  4. SabahBatul. says:

    you are definitely a 9o’s kid…trust me :p

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