The Time I met John Shiels

John Shiels is the CEO of the infamous football team Manchester United. He had come to India for a project which focused on developing and providing opportunities to underprivileged native footballers in collaboration with Adidas. I, along with another fellow journalist, went to interview him on behalf of The Times Of India. Here’s my experience:

I and Aqsha, my colleague for the day and a very dear friend, met near a popular shopping centre before we entered the football ground in which John Shiels and his assistants was coaching a group of extremely involved looking young adults and children. We came in through the front gate as a woman with blonde hair (who we later got to know to be the public relations officer*) welcomed us with a smile.

To be honest, I am not a football fan (raise your hand if you want to kill me right now!). I researched the last night to pretend like one, and I must say I nailed it. John was pretty busy before he came up to us for an interview. The *public relations officer stood right there, asking us to stop if we diverted from the topic in hand in terms of questions.

The interview, however, wa a massive learning experience. We got to know how everything in life does not come easy and how the post of a coach is not properly respected even today. The story came out today on The Times of India NIE. So do head to my Facebook page or to my Twitter account (@jishnu_bando) for the complete article.

Picture Courtesy: Aqsha Naim