Like a Rolling Stone

If I asked who Robert Allen Zimmerman from Minnesota, USA is you would probably not be able to recollect anything…but if I asked you who’s song is “Blowin’ in the Wind”, you will probably know the answer.
The weird part is, they both are the same person. I was introduced to Bob Dylan a.k.a. Robert Allen Zimmerman when I was about nine. My dad had this cassette of his which had a fuchsia background with a young Bob on it, and the title “Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits” was printed in gothic fonts at the top middle. I remember even today, the first track was “I Want You”.
I don’t listen to cassettes anymore, but when my when I discovered a few days ago that Bob Dylan had won the Nobel prize for literature, I dusted the dirt off my cassette player and put in the cassette. I thought what a great man of words he was. I fell in love with Robert Allen Zimmerman, all over again, as “Gates of Eden” played in the background.


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