Why I will never Vlog!

​So before getting into the real post, let’s get into some terminology; the term vlogging is derived from combining the terms blogging and video. Whereas websites and blogs have traditionally been text-heavy, vlogging is the act of recording your information and thoughts on video as opposed to written format. (That is terrifying in the first place!)

So just before you people request anymore or I go completely insane/loose my memory, here are 5 reasons why I will never vlog:

1. Facing the camera and talking to it casually, is just awkward.

It’s okay for an advertisement/film shoot or a five minute video recording, but talking casually about yourself and your life experiences while looking at a lens probably is not my thing. I bet it takes a ton of practice.

2. Recording, editing, posting is too much work.

Recording the footage, adding effects and sounds, editing, posting, writing a description of the video…the list is endless and I am too lazy for all of this. Moreover, it is quite impossible to share your views and opinions instantly at any given point of time, from any device with an internet connection.

3. Looking fabulous and setting up the background is like climbing Mt. Everest for me.

I am a person who would prefer to share their thoughts sitting comfortably in a bed, in his pyjamas, sipping on a cup of coffee with a blanket around him. The thought of getting ready, setting up the light, and creating a background out of my messy room gives me creeps.

4. Making your private life completely public, gives me creeps.

You know when I went shopping or to when I dropped into my mom’s house; you know how I brush my teeth, what are my eating habits and also the time I went out with my friends and pissed them off by looking at the camera all the while. And you, may be a serial killer.

5. Looking at the camera all the time, while not actually enjoying the moment is just disgusting.

Picking up from the last point, there are people who get irritated even when you fiddle with your phone for a long period of time (aka my parents). Imagine what their reaction would be if you move around with a camera all the time, every time! Moreover, you won’t actually be enjoying the experiences yourself because you’ll miss so much looking at a lens, it’s just not worth it.

No offence intended to vloggers. If you are loving it, then it’s perfectly fine. It’s just that I don’t.