The paradox behind the ‘Paradox’

As I was sitting on the couch, sipping on my coffee and reading Coleridge, my phone screen lit up. One message from Sanwoy Bose. The name brought back memories of Harlequin, my second interview and a lot more. When I got to know he was making another movie (Paradox), I was more than exited to interview him.

The weather was warm but breezy (as I opened my car door and walked into the mall), so was their film’s plot.

L-R: Arpan(lyricist), Rivu(music director), Sanwoy(actor/director), me, Tamal(DoP), Arafat(associate director/editor).

Why did you start making this movie?

SANWOY: There are a lot of reasons behind making this movie. Many people, like us, are making short films hence numerous short films are being made, but why not think larger? Why not make telefilms? We should not think what the future might be. When I have sources, such talented people and a story, then why not start? That is why I started this project.

If you didn’t make this movie, what would be the loss of the world?

SANWOY: Short films which are being made are very cliché. In this movie we have merged two different genres, romantic and thriller, and the end comes as a surprise. This kind of a film, I don’t think has been made before.

Why do you think that people will watch your movie?

SANWOY: I have made Harlequin before, you covered it, and I have received massive response. The trailer of this movie is also doing pretty good. The story is a break off. I am sure people will love it for all the good reasons.

A still from the movie.

Without any star cast in the film, why would you expect it to be a success?

SANWOY: The film will be released on YouTube; there is no box office scenario. Moreover, we haven’t made this film to get anything, at all, in return. This movie is for the experiences and the memories. We don’t have a producer. We have pooled our own money for the production cost. It is our hobby, we don’t expect much in return as of now. I want people to know me; that is why I made this film in the first place.

What is the film all about?

ARAFAT: Combining two genres. The rest is a surprise!

Why the name Paradox?

ARAFAT : I shouldn’t reveal that…

Target audience?

SANWOY: This movie is for everyone. Commercial movie lovers to thriller film buffs.

Any funny moments on set?

ARAFAT : When Sanwoy is on set, the question should be ‘Whats not funny ?! (laughs)

The talk didn’t end here, but just like George Savile said, “A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else”, so wait till I come up soon with Part 2!