The time I started a Podcast

As I started off with this blog around a little more than an year ago, I also wanted to start off with my very own podcast. I have been a voice over artist since I was in junior school and hence I wanted to do something with my narrative skills for myself. Yesterday as I completed my homework for school and was thinking what to write for my next blog post, an idea came up in my head.
I downloaded podbean from the App Store and created a bulletin point script for the first episode of my podcast: The Nerd Show. I recorded the whole episode at a stretch and made a cover art for my podcast. I then added a description and hit the publish button. I felt so accomplished, I could never explain.

I added my podcast RSS feed to all the podcast directories I could find and of course, which were free…and then I was done.

In this show I will probably geek out about Game Of Thrones, Star Wars etc. and Harry Potter (duh!).

So as all of you guys wanted more content from me, I created my podcast…check out the first episode here and the second episode here .

I will be releasing an episode each weekend besides blogging and I may also release a few mid-week special episodes.

See you at!

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