Your Battle ~ Entry Two

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“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”
― Wendy Mass, The Candymakers

Inspired by this quote I asked people to share the story of the battle they are fighting on a day to day basis with me at After my first entry, I received the second one. (the passage has been edited for literary and grammatical errors):

I am 14, I am obese and even though I am not a girl, I am extremely disappointed with my shape. I see all these boys in magazines and films with nice figures, muscles and everything and I always feel discontented with myself. I have starved myself and also considered suicide. I just want to grow thin and be like everyone else.

– Boy, Anonymous, 14

My comments:

Thanks for actually showing the guts to send this entry to me, you are awesome! (Inside and out!)
I think you should stop looking that stereotypical body types and love yourself the way you are. If you still want to loose weight, you might do it for a healthy life and for nothing else. Don’t starve yourself, that will get you nowhere. It will just make you weaker and not help you loose your weight. Follow a proper balanced diet. Consult a dietitian if possible.
Moreover, why do you want to be and look like everyone does? Be proud of your uniqueness, be confident and never underestimate yourself. You are pretty young to worry about your weight. Just remember you are the best! Always!!

What battle are you fighting? Send in your entry you could be featured as well.