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I walked in, through the front door of the place where the workshop was going to be held, I was late on the first day (I generally am not much of a punctual person!) and as Divya, our workshop conductor started with telling us how much our writing style can reveal about us, I was sure that I was going to walk out of this room with some astonishing knowledge.


The Silver Lining ~ center for knowledge, therapy and wellness operating in Mumbai, India organized this workshop for a small group of high school student including me. The three days of mind boggling study on the basics of graphology and Transactional Analysis taught us to judge people by their handwriting and improve ours at the same time.
While the two days of Graphology classes were more of theory, the one day of Transactional Analysis was fun filled with a ton of hands on activities.
Graphology taught us how to derive character traits for a person’s handwriting and signature in multiple ways, through a single alphabet and/or through the writeup as a whole. TA made us understand what we are, what we think we are and what people perceive us to be.
The whole workshop encouraged us to work on ourselves to be a better human being in the future ahead.
Thanks to my very dear friend, Chaitanya Srivastava for inviting me for the workshop and our conductor Divya Srivastava for letting me get an insight to the complicated human mind.

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  1. Thank you Jishnu! Loved your post. We are very glad that you cared to post about the workshop, we hope to see you again!

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  2. Reblogged this on The Silver Lining and commented:
    Jishnu Bandyopadhyay attended two workshops organized by us in the ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata. Read how he gained a better understanding of himself through handwriting & signature analysis; and could better value the qualities of assertiveness and effective communication through learning more about transactional analysis.


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