5 American television stereotypes

We have all watched hit American TV shows at one point of our life or the other, so as I was feeling a little BuzzFeed-ish today, I decided to list down 5 things that the American shows will make you believe in. And trust me, (if you don’t go google it) 99% of it isn’t true!

DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to hurt any community, person or country whatsoever. If it does, then the author is extremely sorry.
  1. An Apple a day!

Everyone owns a device that’s Apple, may it be the cleaning lady or the office boss. This is something which is done, more or less, by all of the TV and film industries of the world today, but America seems to do it a little extra. Is Apple their secret producer or something? Here is a stat report to prove me right:

Percentage of Apple users in America

2. Voss is what they drink, always!

What is plain water when you have Voss by your side? Office, home, street-side, Voss to the rescue! Like seriously, who drinks artesian sparkling water all the time?

3. Everyone carries a gun

You are in your office, there is an intruder, what do you do? Well, if you are an American TV show cast…you take out your gun from your pencil skirt’s pocket and shoot him/her!

4.  Everyone is middle class and wants to live in the suburbs

The “American Dream” is embodied by that of owning a two-story house, with a green lawn and a white picket fence. The reality is more people are moving out of the suburbs to be closer to jobs, commerce, and entertainment. Like duh!

5.  New York City/Los Angeles/Chicago are very dangerous

American metropolises were dangerous once upon a time, but now they are far down the list with a sizable gap between them and the most violent city in the U.S. East St. Louis, Illinois, as of 2016, with Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and other densely populated cities far below. When major cities across the globe are sorted by their murder rate, the highest ranked U.S. city is St. Louis at number 15, followed by Baltimore at number 19, and Detroit at number 28. Come on!

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