The Anonymous Caller

I have a mostly good, at times bad habit of answering to unknown numbers, last Saturday was no exception! As I picked up the phone, a man on the other end said:

“Priya?”, with a pleading tone.
“Umm..No, wrong number…” I blurted out. “Oh I know it’s you! Why are you doing this to me? Why are you faking your voice?”, came the answer from the other end, and as this wasn’t enough to confuse me, he started sobbing! I was like what the…! I just didn’t know what to say when he hung up.

When I had mostly forgotten the incident (read *was obsessed with the incident*), the phone rang again the next morning; “Hello?” said a women of mid 40’s probably (voices can be deceptive), “Yes?” I replied, “I am so sorry for yesterday’s incident, actually my brother is suffering through a mental illness…he dials random numbers, we record all his calls…that is how we got to know that -” her voice broke. “Not a problem, it’s perfectly okay with it.” I replied to avoid an awkward silence. She thanked me before hanging up.

He never called again.

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