Perfect Imperfections

We all wish that everything were perfect, well, most of us do. At times we forget to cherish the imperfections of natural and man-made things alike. Imperfections around us make us feel good, confident and individually powerful.

It makes us understand that making and keeping everything perfect all the time is what we aren’t here for, we are here to mess things up, play around and succeed many a times doing it. There are a thousand ways in which small imperfections help us in everyday life.

The last time I found a little family time was when my iPad’s battery died out for good, and I had nothing to do – so I and my parents watched a movie together. Thank god iPads don’t have eternal battery lives! I loved that imperfection.

For support of perfectness: If everything was perfect, how could you tell the difference between what was and what wasn’t?

The way the sky is not a monotonous blue all the time, or people from across the world are different, are not these imperfections beautiful? Are not these perfect imperfections?