E-books Vs Paperbacks – The eternal battle

The battle has been going on forever. To go with the old love or the new interest, that is the question! Going by my emotional opinion and the saying “Old is gold” I always preferred traditional printed paper books to e-books, but recently I have been trusting my Kindle™ a little too much. At times I have had that dilemma where I can’t decide whether to spend money on a digital file or a wonderful paperback.

An e-reader has its own perks. It is definitely lighter than a paperback; what’s more, it contains a bunch of paperbacks. You can always buy books on the go and immediately after you finish one and it is a lot cheaper than real paperback versions of the same work piece. You don’t need external light and the battery lasts for weeks and in case you spill some coffee on it, it won’t be all shaggy and bendy. For aggressive readers, you can read while occupying only one hand or none at all. You can save your time to share your progress on Goodreads™ as the e-reader automatically does it for you. Moreover, you can adjust the text size and font to cater to your personal requirements. Lastly, you can get a bunch of free e-books to read.

Stop shouting “traitor!” I love traditional ink and paper books too, from the smell of freshly pressed ones to the ones which had remained closed for decades, it is lovely. To hold a real book in your hand is a different feeling altogether, the cover art, feeling the texture of the pages and visiting a bookstore or a library is just magical, no denying that, but if you think a little rationally and let go of your overpowering nostalgia you might just realize that e-books are better in a million ways. (Or are they?)

What do you think?