Happy Easter!

Who doesn’t love Easter? Easter is that day when you can have all fun you want to. From painting your eggs to planning your picnic..(no double meanings please).

Here are are some egg painting ideas to let your creative self out and running this Easter! but before that you may want to check out our Easter Video on YouTube!

Before painting the eggs, you can make a small hole on the top or the back side of the egg and get the yolk out to make your eggs stay longer.

1. Simply Chevron

If you want a classy set of Easter Eggs, you probably want Chevron. This pattern is simple to do yet the best in class and looks awesome when on display.


First tape the places you want to do the Chevron on and paint the rest of the egg. When it dries up, peel the tape off carefully and apply Modge Podge.

2. Polka Dot Magic

Do it the same way you did the Chevron eggs. Just cut the tape into small dots. Peel off the tape when the paint dries up.


You can paint the dots in a different color or add glitter. Apply Modge Podge to seal your work.

3. Glitter Glamour

Apply Modge Podge or glue all over the egg and dunk them in a bowl full of glitter.


Apply Modge Podge on top of you want so that the glitter does not fall off. You can also mix up different glitters and create a new color shade altogether.

4. Random Spray Paint

Just play around with Spray Paint on the eggs. As the eggs are small you can use toothbrush and fabric paints to add more effect.


Apply Modge Podge to preserve your awesome piece of art.

5. Chalky Fun

Paint your eggs with black board paint or chalk paint after painting them black.


Now play around with the chalk and apply Modge Podge after you’re done.

Now go ahead and unleash your creativity…Happy Easter!