Bedtime Stories

I had always seen in movies and read in books how mothers recite stories, especially fairy tales, when their children go to bed. My mother was working and hence she never wasn’t able to do that as she was dog tired by the end of the day, also, I was already asleep when she came home. I am not complaining, rather I’m proud, but I somehow had a huge desire for listening to bedtime stories.
Once, when I was really small, I went to one of my aunt’s house with my mom and dad and while they were chatting with my uncle, my aunt came to tuck me and my cousins in, and that is when she decided to tell us a bedtime story. That is when I heard it for real for the first time. I remember it distinctly, even ten years later. The story was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Maybe because this was my first bedtime story, but it has been one of my favorites ever since then. An year later when I read the book I somehow liked it even more. I have always had a weakness towards Alice and her wonderful dream.
The queen and the king of hearts, the Cheshire Cat, Bill the lizard, March Hare, Tweedledee and Tweedledum and others have always reminded me of people all around and I have always drawn inspiration from them for my fictional works.
One more thing happened that night, my aunt told my mom how I liked the story a lot and every night, even when she was tired, she had told me bedtime stories till I was nine.