Jerome Goodman had never lied. At Orion Consultancy Services, his office, colleagues have fallen in trouble because of Goodman’s truths a number of times. Last month Goodman’s daughter, Jessica, was angry on him as he had refused to write a false letter to her school stating that she was sick regarding her absence at school for three days. This cruel world hates people with such ethics and manners.

Orion Consultancy Services’ branch manager was changed last week. The last branch manager, Mr. Richard Brown, had faced a situation of extreme shame once. All because of Mr. Goodman. Brown was married, but that did not prevent him from making girlfriends and spending time with them between office hours.
The whole office knew about it: the branch’s new deputy manager, an aggressive flirt, was Richard’s new bird.
One afternoon, when Richard was spending time with his sweetheart, a phone call came on his office landline. Goodman’s chamber was the closest to Brown’s, hence he went inside and picked up the phone. “Richard?”, it was Mrs. Brown, ” No, he’s not in the office”, “Where’s he?” she asked. Jerome did not even give think once before blurting out the truth. The  next day while Jerome came in and enquired everyone about who had picked up the call, thank god Jerome wasn’t at the office that day or else he would have told the truth, once again. Even if that meant losing his job.

It was few days after that the manager was replaced. The new manager, John Michelle, wasn’t of a very good nature either. He was transferred from his last office on the ground of accepting bribes. It wasn’t even a week, before which staffs heard rumors that Mr. Michelle had started his bad deeds in this office too.
The police were after John from a long time. One  afternoon they lured a client to give Mr. Michelle an amount of money with special serial numbers. As usual, John accepted it. The cops were ready outside. Just as the client walked out they walked in. John was caught red handed. They were taking him out of the office when he asked to go to the wash room. When he did not come out for forty five minutes straight, the policemen brought down the door and found him lying on the floor. His wrist slit with his own razor.
Later that evening the whole office attended Michelle’s burial. Parvati Michelle, John’s wife, was standing with her seven year old daughter,  came up to Jerome. “Mr. Goodman, I have heard you never say lies. Could you tell me one thing?” when Jerome didn’t answer, Parvati continued: “Could John really take bribes?”, after a long pause Jerome Goodman lifted his head up, took a deep breath and blurted out his first lie,:”No ma’am, never!”.
Staffs from the Orion Consultancy Services saw two things for the first time in their life, a wife smiled while her dead husband was being buried and Jerome Goodman had told a lie.