Why am I here?

Dear Readers,
This is a post that I have always wanted to write, somewhere, unconsciously in my mind, but I have never found the mood to. This is a post that more or less every Blogger writes as their first post on their blog, that is except me. I have never explained what my blog is about to you guys. Today as Blogging 101 reminded me of it and gave me confidence that it’s not late to open up, I decided to tell you people, “Why I am here”.

Besides writing I paint pictures, doodle, photographs and I am also a voice-over artist.

The thing about my blog is that I write about everything, from the best food in town to Shakespearian sonnets. Most of the blogs have a broad topic: like fashion, books, poetry, diy etc. But I write whatever I feel like writing, because a person is about everything rather than a single one.  Now that makes my blog kinda look like a journal.

So why did I decide to go online and blog rather than keep a private journal? Because if, god forbid, another Hitler does not rise and kill me in the concentration camp and coincidentally my dad makes it out and finds my journal and publishes it chances are people wouldn’t get to read it. And I didn’t want that to happen.

It wasn’t until few months ago that I took blogging seriously when I was recognized for my work for the first time as I received “The Versatile Blogger Award” and after that two “Sunshine Blogger Award” s. I am also greatful to David Snape as he will be featuring my blog post: “100 Days without a Phone” on his show on The Southwaves Radio on Tuesday 8pm GMT and Thursday 1pm GMT this week. I also want to say a huge Thank-you to all my readers who have made me and helped me grow. Thanks and keep Supporting!
Jishnu Bandyopadhyay