‘Tis the season!

Winter means a lot of things to me. It means cakes, holidays, gifts, snowfall and of course Christmas! As time has passed by and yet another Christmas is round the corner, it is a little more than necessary to rejoice it.

Though I am Hindu, a prolonged three hundred years of British colonialism has made Christmas our very own festival. From eating plum cakes to praying to Jesus, on this day we do it all!

This is my last year in my school and I would be moving school next year. Every year at school we have a special assembly for Christmas. I clearly remember, seven years ago on the 23rd of December it was our special assembly- I was really nervous because that was probably the first time that I would be going up on stage. I was a first grader then, dressed as a reindeer I walked onto the stage and we had sung carols and danced merrily. Few days ago when I was walking down the school corridor I saw kids practicing for the Christmas special assembly, they stood on the stage singing the same carols – wearing reindeer costumes. I felt emotional, time flies.