Unexpected Guests

“Yes?” I said as got into my house,  closing the door behind me. There was an old couple sitting on my sofa.”Oh! You have grown up so much, haven’t you?” the woman said, she had jet black, curly hair and wore a crop top which was a little young for her. I was too shocked to answer.

The guy was checking something on his iPhone, he looked up and said “It’s been so long since we saw you, so today we thought why pay a visit before leaving the world?” and he started giggling. “Who are you people and why are you in my house?” I blurted out. I actually wanted to ask what did he mean by saying ‘leaving the world’, but this was the question that was first among the questionnaire that had been automatically created for them in my mind. “I was in the Marine with your grandpa.”His walrus mustache and dark grey eyes now seemed familiar – I had seen him in one of those black and white frames in my Grandpa’s training period album. “Oh…” I said with a sense of recognition in my voice. “We need to get moving now!” said the woman, as my landline rang up, I was sure it was my grandpa, he was the only one who still called on the land phone first before trying my mobile. “Wait a minute, I’ll be back in a minute!” I said, as if seeking for a permission. “Sure, sweetheart!” the women said, I smiled and went away to my bedroom to pick up the phone.

“Hello?” a husky voice said from the other side, I was right, it was indeed my Grandpa. “Hello! Hey I need to tell you something impor-” he cut me off, “I think you need to hear me out first, remember uncle Garry from our Marine training group? the only Russian guy I told you about, remember?” If it would have been any other day, I wouldn’t have remembered, but today he was standing in my living room, how could I not? “Oh yeah he is in-” he cut me off again and said “He passed away today in the morning, with his wife…car accident”. “What!?” I exclaimed, “he is standing in my living room!!”, “What nonsense are you talking about? Are you out of your senses? I’m at his house at the moment, stop joking!!!”. I was dumbstruck for a moment, and then I found the courage to speak : “Be on the line…” I said and rushed out to my living room, there was no one. The sofa didn’t have a single crease on it and the door was closed from inside.