Farewell to the Universe

Today, I’ll be going far,

and today I shall leave all.

Today I will leave a scar,

It may be small, it may be tall.

Today, I’ll be going away.

I know none will be there to pray.

But, today there will be no another chance,

because today I’ll leave you in a trance.

Will I come back?

That I can’t tell.

Will I look back?

Of course I will.

But when the evening turns to night,

I will say my last Good night, my farewell to the Universe!






8 Comments Add yours

  1. magsgn says:

    Jishnu…loved it man 🙂

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  2. Nancy says:

    Farwells are often sad – but I didn’t feel sad – more nostalgic. Well done.

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  3. sparshsehgal says:

    Great piece of work indeed. A final bye to the universe or as I take it to this platform that has connected me to all you wonderful people. Would love to hear more.
    Find me too at sparshsehgal.wordpress.com

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    1. Thanks for visiting…I read your blog for sure!

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  4. mterrazas32 says:

    Well done, i like it.

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