100 Days without a Phone!

Yes, I ultimately completed the ‘100 days without a phone’ challenge, and surprisingly, I SURVIVED!!

Though I faced many problems. I could not contact people easily, could not click pictures whenever or wherever I wanted to, could not note down things or save numbers and most importantly I could not blog on the go.

But I should also admit, there were good sides too. I felt free, my mind was less clogged about multiple things hence I found time to read, write, paint etc. My mood was also noticeably better and I was prominently more productive. Moreover, I charged and used my iPod after a long time and used it to listen to music while my phone was not with me; it felt awesome! I also used my desktop and laptop to blog, which I rarely did when my phone was with me

Our phones have become a part of us, but this challenge truly made me understand why people in the older times were much happier. Abandoning technology totally is not possible, but it is great when we start learning to live without it for a while. As the New Year is round the corner, I would suggest you to abandon any one of your devices for at least a day, I guarantee you, you would feel a lot better and happier.