Meeting Sanwoy Bose, a film and his Dreams!

I ended chatting with yet another talented actor/director/script writer of shortfilms. He recently wrote the script and acted in a short film called Harlequin. So here is yet another interview to prove that short film makers have much more to give than you expected.

Me: How did you come up with Harlequin?

Sanwoy: Actually, I always dreamt of making shortfilms. I also had a talk about it with Supratim Da, but I wanted to connect to a greater audience, and wanted to make something that each and  everyone would understand. That is how Harlequin began. I didn’t want people to call my films sophisticated and not very understandable.


Me: What are you studying at the moment?

Sanwoy: Engineering.

Me: Do you dream of pursuing acting or filmmaking as a career?

Sanwoy: Of course I do. I will make commercial  films, I’m sure about that.

Me: Then why are you into Engineering anyways?

Sanwoy: You can actually call it a backup. Like you know, film industry is really uncertain, this moment you are a king and you are a penniless pauper in the other moment! (Laughs)

Me: Your, production house is named Joker’s Entertainment, why exactly, because you don’t make comedy films, right?

Sanwoy: The name is simply because of Batman fandom! And joker somehow symbolizes dark humour, so…


Me: Is this your first film?

Sanwoy: yes.

And after this answer I was sure that we can expect something greater from this guy. If his first can be this good, his nexts will doubtlessly be better.

Click here to watch Harlequin.