Three little lives ~ Encore

I wrote a post previously on this blog, featuring three lives that are based on real stories. People outside of and on WordPress have been telling to write more such posts, so here its is, three little lives, yet again!…

I am that girl, who got cheated by her boyfriend, abused by her father and harassed by her teacher. I have experienced so much, at this age…I have lost my innocence. I think I should go to a psychiatrist, but if I say that to my family, they will lock me up and beat me up again. But I will not give up, I will fight till I die.

I am a singer, I have seen the peak of my career. Now, at the moment, I am facing the lows in my life. I do drugs, I am extremely alcoholic and I consume about three to four packets of cigarettes a day. I know I am dying, slowly but I am.

Hey, I am the richest man in the city, but I don’t find peace and happiness in money anymore. I feel depressed all the time. But I have just become a father, I need to be strong, because I need to give shape to a complete new being. I don’t want to be a bad dad.