The Hell Keeper’s Question

The sun rises again,
I face a new sky.
A new, replenished earth
I greet it with a sigh.

Because I have seen much more,
Because I have seen deeper.
I am the cruel one,
I am the Hell Keeper.

I have to see the sinners,
Day after day,
I have take them in,
To the punishment bay.

But why do they get penalized?
Are they the only sinners?
Devil is the king,
Then why is he a winner?

Can’t all evil me moved?
Can’t we live a good life?
Can’t there be only good?
And no evil beside?


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  1. Very lyrical, I love the meter you employed and the images each stanza evokes and how the whole poem is the question and not the answer.

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  2. Ma Socorro says:

    It is wonderful to see young people concerned about world peace. Love is the basis for living well.

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  3. Ma Socorro says:

    The world is undergoing major changes we expected already happening but still not the end or the devil is not yet in charge. All this will happen is written in the holy scriptures.

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  4. SabahBatul. says:

    A very good read jishnu..i ask those questions myself..:(

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