Where writers come together!

Hello there, I have always wanted to write with people, in a group. Writing with my friends and family is monotonous as we share, more or less, the same mentality.
So what’s better than to write with people around the world?
This lead me to create this dream project: Write With Jishnu

It’s a forum blog where I, and many other bloggers around the world write together. At times someone suggests a topic or issue to write on, or authors write whatever they feel like writing.
You may write poems, essays, short stories, articles etc.
To join us, you just need to comment your WordPress username or mail it to me at jishnublogs@gmail.com. You can also mail me your email address that is registered with WordPress. In both cases though you will receive your invitation in your email, that is registered with WordPress. So what are you waiting for? Come, join the fun!