Discovering: True Colours Of People

As I am growing up, facing a bigger and tougher world, I am discovering people…at times more than once.
The people I use to look up to actually turn out to be really junky and the people I thought to be bad show up to be admirable ones! Unfortunately the first case is more persistent…

This is a constant problem, and that has lead me to how I judge people today, for a long time and considerately. It is true that I am not very judgemental, I never was, but when you meet someone or get to know them, you automatically develop a sense of expectation. Through time whenever that boundary of expectations is broken by the person, you are really hurt and shattered. That is what happens more frequently as we get to know more and more people. A few such recent scenarios have caused me to write this post. Though this may seem nonsense to some, but I am sure it will make a lot of sense to many!